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Parents and Students

Freiwilliger Stufentest, Piano

Voluntary Grade Test

Parents and Students

Important Information

Important Information

The next test will be held on 1 and 2 February 2025

 Registration deadline: November 8 2024

Freiwilliger Stufentest, Horn

Getting There is All the Fun

Musical Development

Dear parents and guardians,

Your music school offers students the opportunity to develop musically according to their individual requirements. In the context of quality development, the music schools of Erlenbach, Küsnacht, Zollikon and Zumikon hold perform grade tests. These tests, which take place annually, are based on a holistic music education and help to determine overall ability. The tests are voluntary and are intended first and foremost to motivate. They should help the students to achieve their goals in music lessons.

Who is the test for?

The grade test is offered for singing and all instruments. The registration decision is taken by the student in close consultation with the teacher. The music teacher determines the grade together with the student and prepares him for the test.

When does the Grade Test take place?

The Grade Test will take place on Saturday, 1 February and Sunday, 2 February 2025. Unfortunately, date requests cannot be considered. The test time and venue will be communicated to you at the start of January 2025. Please reserve these two days already today.

What do you have to be able to do and who listens?

The exact requirements can be found in the guidelines. The test is conducted in the presence of the music teacher by an external specialist in the corresponding instrument or in voice and takes 10 or 15 minutes depending on the grade. There will be a short feedback. The decision of the expert cannot be appealed.

What happens if the student makes a mistake?

Mistakes are part of life. It is not the flawless playing that is assessed, but the expression and the joy of playing. If a student is well prepared, the expert notices that, even if a mistake creeps in now and then. If a student does not pass the exam, he or she can repeat it in a year.

Does the student get a reward?

Upon passing the exam, the student receives a certificate and a pin of the appropriate grade.


The registration is carried out by the teacher. Following the receipt of the registration, you will receive a confirmation email. After a short confirmation on your part, your child is definitely registered.


Because the organisation of the grade test is fairly expensive, we will charge a fee of CHF 40, from grade 5 CHF 60. (External students up to grade 4 CHF 60, from grade 5 CHF 90.) Additional expenses are covered by the music schools. The amount will be charged with the next termly invoice. Your registration is binding. No refund can be claimed for non-attendance.

Deadline for registration is 8 November 2024

The individual subject teachers and the school management are at your disposal for further questions. We look forward to your active participation and even now wish all students a great deal of fun and success!